12|BY|6 Interview

12by6 Samantha Stevens Performer Broadway Triple Threat Interview

I had the chance to talk with Justin from 12|BY|6 about my Journey to New York, and how The Handmaid's Musical came to be!

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Handmaids Returns!

Samantha Stevens Broadway Actress The Handmaids Musical Parody Green Room 42

News! After our first SELL OUT show, 

'The Handmaid's Musical' will be returning to The Green Room 42 on May 31st 9:30pm

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Visible Soul

Zack Calhoon & Samantha Stevens Broadway Performer Visible Soul Broadway

Zack Calhoon spoke with me about being an Actor in New York and what inspired me to write.

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UKs Stage Fave!

Samantha Stevens Stage Fave Performer London, New York.

I'm on : thanks guys! 

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BBC Interview

Samantha Stevens Broadway BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Interview

BBC's Brody Swain spoke with me about living and performing in New York City.

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The Handmaid's Musical

The Handmaid's Musical: A Dystopian Tale Parody based on the Margaret Atwood Novel/Hulu Series.

I will be playing Offred in this one night parody version of “The Handmaid’s Tale.” For more information, click the image above.

The Greenroom at 42

March 9th


Happy Holidays 2018!

Federica Morra and Samantha Stevens - December Advent Singing Challenge
Broadway Actress from London

December Advent Singing Challenge COMPLETE! Follow me on Instagram to watch all the videos! 


October 2018 - Waitress

Waitress Logo

I had the opportunity to work with Associates from The Broadway team of "Waitress." 

September 2018

On The Spot: Promo Picture September 2018

​I performed with On The Spot!

The Off-Broadway Musical Comedy show. 

Monday 17th September 

Resolute Artists Agency!

Resolute Artists Agency Logo

I am happy to be represented by Paige at Resolute Artists Agency.